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I’m a Beach lover and wannabe mermaid. Not just your typical beach girl. I climb mountains too and run at least 5 times a week! so I might converse about injuries here or whatever random situations occur in those early moments of solitude-beware!

If there were confessions to make, it would be that I also aggressively check out the nightlife wherever I go. Let’s be real! Cause it’s important to map out where the best happy hour offers are while figuring out if it’s also the safest place for a girl to hang, meet fun people, eat great food and just make merry.

That said, the individual above still goes for that 5 AM hike or catches the first flight out of town even though they were at the club an hour before. Yes, the struggle is real and so are the flaws. we all need to figure out how to love ourselves better.

Welcome to some millennial’s documentation of her movements around the world, struggles with meditation and dating mishaps.

Oh, I also let my friends and strangers I randomly meet on Instagram share ANY of their dating related material cause Feminism!